It all started for Complex in Essex when he was 15 years old and got his first set of decks.
After 5 months of practice night after night he had his first set on pirate radio station Demand 91.6FM based in essex, as time went by his confidence grew and it was clear this was no phase.
9 months on and Demand FM was no more, so Complex sent a demo to Charge 90.8FM which proved to be successful.
After becoming the youngest DJ on the station at the time, Complex became more at ease with hosting shows and after a lot of hard work and time he was doing a show on prime time on Sundays where he was joined by MCs such as Flyte, Flexmus, Rhymes, Decoy and many more.
Guest shows on Force FM, Kool FM and a past weekly show on Origin FM all sent him on his way to gain more experience and shows on Original 90.6FM & Planet DNB with MC Decoy quickly built a solid reputation leading to him playing across the country and worldwide with bookings at such events as Desire, Breakin Science, Random Concept, One nation as well as independent club nights.
It was during this time it became clear making music was just as important as playing it, Complex started using Reason in 2005 and went from strength to strength with his productions and after 9 months had his first release on Birmingham imprint Musik Hertz, with ‘Decisions / Zero’ on 12″ vinyl, the the first of many releases on various labels.

After his taste of vinyl releases complex decided to create Good4Nothing Records his own label showcasing himself and new talent artists including Guv, Macky Gee, Jayline and many more. Complex is now working with G13 Records and with the release of ‘Panik People’ on the ‘Blazin Joints’ series and a forthcoming solo artist EP, he is looking forward to working with long time friends Rowney & Propz and the talented group of artists in the G13 camp. Complex has radio support right across the world from pirate radio to internet stations and legal stations which include BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1XTRA, Kiss FM, Kool FM, Rough Tempo and gaining DJ support from the scenes most influential figures!

He has also set up WWW.NOTHING-LONG.COM with ‘Dj Twista’ for the sole purpose of bring the very best in up and coming and established artist tracks with a huge list of releases already released as well as an album coming soon. You can catch him doing a show on WWW.ROUGHTEMPO.COM on Thursdays every 2 weeks, 9-11PM (GMT) playing DNB.