Konker aka Nathan Ingenuity and josh Meladee are two young producers from Northampton who are now signed exclusive to G13 Records.

They started off as individual artists in small town of kettering, after meeting each other at a local event and started getting in the studio, soon realising that they could work well together.
Rowney was on Facebook one day when he saw a status on someones profile about a producer that was worth watching and it turned out to be Ingenuity. Nathan started sending him music and introduced him to his production partner Meladee and things started moving.
From a batch of tunes Rowney & Propz chose Konker tracks ‘Still DnB’ for sister label Smokescreen and ‘Peer Pressure’ for G13. ‘Still DNB’ was subsequently released on Smokescreen’s debut album ‘The Spectrum LP’ and ‘Peer Pressure’ was released on G13’s ‘Blazin Joints’ EP series ‘OG Kush’ Edition.
The duo have individual releases and EPs forthcoming on G13, current music support includes Rowney & Propz, Logan D, Macky Gee, Tyke, Dub Berzerka and many more, we predict big things for Konker in 2016 so keep your eyes peeled!