G13 Records is the brainchild of DJ Propz and producer and DJ Rowney. Originally a long term pipe dream from Propz, he set about making the foundations to set up the label rounding up tracks from up & coming producers and contacting distrubution companies, he shared his idea with Rowney who was keen to get involved and the two set upon a game plan. 20 tracks were submitted to Nu Urban Distrubution for possible release and much to Propz’ dismay they only chose 3, including Rowney’s early track ‘Death Rattle’ under his old moniker ‘Bassline Terrorist’. The other tracks chosen were from Torquay Trio ‘Bluefoot’ and London producer ‘The Butcher’.

With Nu Urban confident in the label G13 Records was born and the first release dropped in December 2008. No one was sure on what the reaction would be but G13 had a mini hit and certainly stamped their sound onto the jump up scene, people had taken notice what this unknown label born in Manchester had brought to the table. Another release from Bluefoot followed and soon enough bigger names such as Sly, Ego Trippin, Tyke and new producer Harvest were getting involved! The label was gaining momentum and hit a serious achievement when German producer Cue gained support from Drum & Bass’s number one DJ, Andy C for his track ‘Break The Enemy’.

It was clear to the rest of the scene that G13 was a label to be taken seriously and they knew their music, bredding producers such as Harvest, Dominator & Flat T, Yatz, Hedex and many more, G13 was making a name for itself as the label that all of the up n coming producers wanted to be involved with.
Another breakthrough came in late 2013 when the lads released their 5 years celebration album ‘2G13’ which featured big hitters Pleasure, Majistrate, Cabbie (Disguise) and Macky Gee as well as some of the biggest up & coming producers. ¬†Overseas the label has gained ground overseas with tours in Belgium, Austria and Luxembourg with some of the biggest promotions and in 2016 G13 is due to host the prestigous event ‘Macky Gee’s Birthday Bash’ with Invaderz.

One thing is to be sure, G13 is going places so be sure to keep in touch with the website for future releases, events and artist news as well as giveaways, competitions and merchandise!