Basstripper aka Antoon Vaneeckhout is a name that has been pushed to the forefront of the jump up scene in recent times off the back of big releases on G13 and Smokin Riddims, if you are unfamiliar to his music read on!

Antoon was introduced to Drum & Bass through friends from his hometown and was inspired by artists such as Hazard and Annix with their original sounds and out of the box productions.

He started mixing Drum & Bass in 2013 and soon he was performing locally in his hometown, a couple of years later he decided to take the plunge and get to work in the studio on his own productions. Quickly developing his own sound, he worked hard and started getting noticed by labels and DJs alike before getting involved in collaborations with other producers such as Simskai and Dangerous.

Early releases for him included music for Belgium label Wobble Infection Digital and UK labels Ten Tonne Beats and Twisted Beats and DJ support from artists including Rusko, Majistrate, Logan D, Turno, Hedex and Jaydan.

In 2016 he caught the ears of Rowney and Propz who got in touch and started support his music and it wasn’t long until Basstripper was working on a forthcoming EP for G13 Records.

His debut EP dropped in 2017, the first part of a producer series called ‘Time To Shine’ and received a wide spectrum of support from DJs including Benny Page, Nicky Blackmarket, Macky Gee, Basslayerz, Filthy Habits and many more!

Next up Basstripper is working on a project for his own label Bad Habitz, be on the look out for more G13 releases in 2018 and beyond!

You can see him perform in Europe every weekend as he is a regular DJ in Belgiums thriving Drum & Bass scene playing at a whole host of big festivals and events including Invaderz and Skank N Bass!

One thing is for sure, Basstripper is one to watch!