Desire aka Phillipp Heitman is a German DJ and Producer who has been making waves over the last few years with credible releases on Dub Damage, Sub Salute and Digital 101 Recordings, there are not many established German Jump Up producers but Desire’s productions stand out and he has carved himself a career performing all over Europe and in the UK.

Born in a small village called Neubruchhausen he now resides near Bremen where he plays for local promotors in the drum & bass scene there, his musical roots originate from minimal techno but after learning the basics of DJing and mixing he came across DNB and was instantly attracted to the energy and sounds of the music and he switched to mixing DNB in 2011.

After a year of mixing he decided he wanted to get deeper into the music and he started producing his own tracks and subsequently had music signed to labels.

Fast forward a few years and he was approached by Rowney and Propz to come onboard with G13 Records as they liked the style he was making and work is well under way for his first G13 release for the end of 2017.

Current track support includes Nicky Blackmarket, Macky Gee, Rowney & Propz, Filthy Habits and Ironlung.

DJing achievements for Desire include performing at Innovation In The Sun, Macky Gee’s birthday bash events and regularly performing at parties including Invaderz, Sub Salute, Beta Sessions and Dreamland.

With more tracks and gigs in the pipeline Desire is a name you need to watch out for!