Haribo is a young Mc from the north west of England who has been making waves since he stepped on the local DNB scene and is now making headway nationwide with some big links and opportunities.
He first picked up a mic at the age of 16 and began to perform at events in his local town of Macclesfield .

His early musical influences were Hip Hop, Grime and Dubstep, he found Drum & Bass through his friend networks and his love for the music and the scene started right there. He put in work writing and honing his style, gaining a reputation for being a capable MC around Manchester and the North West.

Haribo now has multiple residencies covering Manchester , Preston , Huddersfield and Leeds , and is working his way round the rest of the UK, performing with G13 and Diamond Audio.

He has been busy working with a host of well established producers including
Bou, Simula, Too Greezey, Dj Hybrid / Leaf, Dutta, Klinical and Kumarachi and has released music on Labels including Low Down Deep, Dubz Audio, G13, Lifestyle Music, Biological Beats, Audio Addict, Sub-Liminal and many more!

As well as being active within the DNB scene Haribo has also been snapped up by the BBC for his lyric writing and has worked with them on several projects , his latest being the voice of the FA CUP Adverts which have been aired daily on radio and TV on the run up to the cup final.
Big things are to come of this versatile MC, watch this space!