MC TNT began mcing at 11 years old, spitting bars with his friends at school and practicing alongside bedroom DJs in his local area. 

Inspired by garage MCs such as PSG, TNT started to gain confidence mcing on pirate radio stations in Birmingham and soon enough he was performing with other up and coming MCs in crews including ‘Young Masters’ and ‘Bad Behaviour’ and working with the likes of Extra, Emalkay and VIP.

It wasn’t until TNT saw IC3 tearing up sets at a Drum and Bass rave that he knew what he wanted to do in life, he plucked up the courage to ask IC3 for the mic and performed in front of his first large crowd.

Word spread and opportunities arose for him at local events ‘Flashback’ and ‘Broken Minds’ and soon enough he was getting booked properly for events. 

TNT had now made his mark on the Birmingham DNB scene and in 2002 he teamed up with his close friend SK to perform on Silk city 101.5fm alongside DJ CKB. 

His bookings began to get more frequent with his foot in the door with bigger promotions including Raveology, DNB Infest, Dirty Bass and Invasion. 

In 2006 TNT moved out of Birmingham to Nuneaton, he carried on working hard, writing and practicing whilst making links and performing in the local DNB scene.   

In 2007 he had his first big break with Northampton event brand Random Concept who recruited him to their Academy where he could finally start getting some solid recognition and a chance to shine on a big stage.

Performing all over the midlands TNT met Coventry’s MC Toddlah, they formed an MC partnership and found their styles complemented each other, they worked well together and it wasn’t long until they were both regularly performing all over the UK.

TNT and Toddlah continued working close when Toddlah was picked up by G13 Records, he impressed Rowney and Propz whenever they worked with him and Toddlah and soon enough he was drafted into the crew along with North West MC, Haribo.

The future is looking bright for TNT with a busy diary and tracks and mixes in the pipeline, he is launching his own fashion company aswell, proving he can business aswell as perform on the big stage! 

Look out for him performing with the G13 crew at the venue near you soon!