Kit Mcbride aka Niterider first found D&B in 1997 when he borrowed his older brother’s Sony Walkman to take to school, one day his brother had left a Brockie & Det tape in and it was enough to get young Kit hooked on the music.
Kit found a new interest and was always asking to borrow the latest tapes that his brother had bought from raves that he had attended.
It was his new found love for the music and the artists that led Kit to pester his parents to help him buy some decks. After constant persuasion for months they finally gave in and prized him with his first decks and he was content with hiding away in his bedroom mixing all things DnB until till he was old enough to attend the events.
As soon he started going to the raves he realised he wanted to take the next step and was fuelled with the desire to create his own music.
He wanted to hear his music being played to the crowds like the popular tracks that he was hearing in the clubs but he wanted his music to have his own individual twist to it.
Kit’s other influences include Reggae and Hip Hop and he brings many of their elements into his music, as well as sounds from early Virus and Undiluted Recordings music.
He met Rowney & Propz in 2008 at a local club night in Manchester and shared his love of the music and his ambitions to them, in 2010 they formed the label Smokescreen together with Kit’s influence and embarked on a side project for the G13 label.
Kit’s production levels kept improving and in 2014 they included his track ‘Ancient Sound’ on Smokescreen’s mixed sub genre album ‘The Spectrum – All Corners’, the track gaining support from DJs including Guv and Macky Gee.
A track on G13’s ‘Blazin Joints’ series followed and most currently he is working on his debut EP for Smokescreen that is due for release in 2016!