Rowney & Propz

Rowney and Propz have been DJ’ing together for over 9 years, both artists were previously promoting themselves around the local Manchester Drum & Bass scene until a friend introduced them to each other in 2006. Neither knew at the time but this meet up was the first step to building a new movement in the North West.
Since they hooked up, their rise through DJ’ing, Producing and running their labels has rocketed and they are now widely recognised in the scene and respected by major artists worldwide.
The duo have played for some of the biggest promotions in the UK scene and various European club nights including Antwerp City Flow (Belgium) where they are residents.
Promotions they have played for include Shadow Demon Events, Random Concept, Innovation, Raveology, The Warehouse Project, United Sounds, Skankers, Hysteria and many more.
Both versatile DJ’s, they have performed alongside high profile MC’s including Trigga, Bassman, Skibadee, Eksman, Evil B, IC3, Fearless, Nutcracka and many more.
They DJ in clubs worldwide regularly and play weekly on internet station Cre8DNB, frequently bringing guest MC’s and DJ’s.
Their label G13 has been running for over 4 years and has gained support from big hitters such as Andy C, Grooverider, Hype, Hazard and many more DJs, numerous radio plays and live plays, G13 boasted 11 vinyl releases through Nu-Urban Distrubution until the company unfortunately closed in September 2012.
The G13 Records stable has a distinctive sound and was set up to promote new talent to the scene, constantly scouting artists and helping push them to the next level.
In the studio Rowney has been producing for over 10 years and since he met Propz they have been collaborating on various tracks. Labels they have released with include G13, Smokescreen, Radius, Undiluted, Calypso Musak, Bio Beatz, Multi Function and Advisory.
DJs who have currently supported their music include Hype, Hazard, Marky, Nicky Blackmarket, Brockie, Crissy Criss, SPY, Heist and many more.
Rowney had a track on DJ Hazard’s Fabric Live mix in 2012 which was later released on Radius Records in 2013.
They have had tracks played on Radio1 and 1xtra and recently have remixed Brockie & Ed Solo’s classic track ‘Aimd At You’ which is forthcoming on Brockie’s Undiluted album.
Prior to meeting each other, Rowney grew up in Greater Manchester, he was fascinated by music from a young age and when he was ten years old he began to learn the drums. He progressed through tuition and learned to level 5 standards. When he was 15 he was given a cheap pair of DJ decks for his birthday, after finishing secondary school he lost interest in the drums and turned all of his attentions towards the rave scene and DJ’ing. Starting college straight from school, he decided to continue his learning and began an A level music course, this was interesting to him at first but the course was dated and didn’t cover anything relevant to him so he quit the course and started to learn dance music production at home in his spare time.
A few years later when he was more confident with his tracks, he started to send them out to DJ’s, in 2006 he had his big break with a track being featured on a free mix CD with Knowledge Magazine (Now K-Mag) and subsequently had plays on Radio 1 due to this. In 2007 he was scouted by 2 labels from Birmingham, Second City Records and Class A Recordingz. Later in the year he had his first vinyl release on Class A, it was a stepping stone and learning curve that he valued so much.
When Propz asked him if he wanted to join forces on his G13 project in 2008, Rowney jumped to the chance and using his previous experience as a signed artist and production knowledge the pair embarked on setting up the label.
Before moving to Manchester in 2003 Propz lived in a small village near Southampton and started to learn how to DJ in late 1999.
When moving to Manchester Propz saw this as an opportunity to get his name out and start DJing in clubs, it didn’t take long until he was holding a residency at Systems, a weekly D&B event held in the city centre. Things started to move quite quickly for him DJ’ing in Manchester, Nottingham, Liverpool, Bristol and later a residency in Leeds at a specialist Jump Up event called Jump.
Around the year 2006, Propz had the idea of starting his own Record Label as he was speaking to a few different up and coming producers of the time and was receiving some good unsigned music. After around a year and a half of sitting on the idea, in mid 2008 Propz approached Rowney and asked if he wanted to come in on making a new D&B Brand for Manchester, G13 Records.
The label had its first release in December 2008 with G13001 – Bassline Terrorist (DJ Rowney) – Death Rattle | Butcher & Hoax – Silent Strike.
This was a little hit for G13, selling out and having a re-press on their first release and pathing the way for future releases.