Salvage also know as ‘Ben Murphy’ born 18th October 1987 grew up in and around Manchester, United Kingdom. From an early age he was brought up around Music with much of his Family being musically talented in some shape or form. His upbringings and family fueled his passion for music as he grew up. First starting his Music Career in a heavy, rock, metal band at the early age of 14. Ben spent years, time and a lot of hard work mastering his chosen Instrument, ‘The Drums’ and was known to be a bit of an animal when Performing behind the kit.
The Story Begins Before long it was time for Ben to make his first steps into adult hood when he enrolled at Access to Music College North Manchester. It was here he discovered Drum & Bass.“I remember it being being known as Jungle more back in the day. The complex amen rhythms, breaks and tempo really grasped my attention; before long i was flicking through vinyl records and carefully studying the drum patterns, adapting that too my own Band work. Not long after that i remember going to my First ever rave. Metropolis at K2 Manchester also known as The Met Bar. The sound system, production just blew me away. I remember watching Andy C in amazement and the rest is history. My progression from heavy rock music too Drum & Bass was very natural to me”.
From that day on Ben went out and bought his first Pair of Vinyl Turntables and began to mix records. He soon became established as DJ Salvage and began to put on his own events under ‘OH MY GOD!’ & ‘Energy’ He ran many successfully events for over half a decade and became a firm favourite heavy hitter in the North West Drum & Bass Movement Scene.
He attended University in Leeds and Salford studying Music Performance & Production and began his own Record Label ‘Short Circuit Records’ in 2013 and has released music world wide for artists such as; Recon, Rowney, Version, Klay, Skore, Ironlung, Rob Blaze, Saxxon, Subview, Supreme Being aka Jason Judge, Jeopardize, Fena, Sub Killaz, Damage Report, Desire, Shadre and over the years has gained the support from some of the scenes leading pioneers; DJ Hype, Hazard, Rene La Vice, Nicky Black Market, Sub Zero, Rowney & Propz, Crissy Criss, Jam Thieves, Bassbrothers, Kenny Ken, Liondub and many many more.
Salvage also ran his own successful weekly radio show on Unity Radio 92.8FM Manchester ever Tuesday night from 21:00/23:00 GMT for several years. His knowledge and connections helped establish a very successful and long lasting show on the station that reached hundreds of thousands of listens across the world and over the air waves.
After establishing Short Circuit Records as a formidable record label it wasn’t long before destiny brought Shadre & Salvage together.
“I remember hearing a lot about this young up and coming Producer from Wigan ‘Daniel Prunty’. He was just 17 at the time when we first started talking. From then on the magic happened. I was really inspired by his passion for Drum & Bass. He had such a wealth of knowledge in Production and the scenes history. It was like staring at my doppelganger. We just seemed to really click together and a strong friendship formed”.
Chemistry was made and not too long after, Shadre had signed his first ever EP to Short Circuit Records entitled ‘Bounce With The Riddim’. From then on Salvage & Shadre started to Produce Music with each other. Bouncing ideas around and generally enjoying the fruits of their labour. Over the past couple of years Shadre & Salvage have been homing their craftsmanship. It has seen them Perform as a competitive duo at events such as Master of Drum & Bass, Relapse Manchester, MC Triggas Birthday Bashes, Metropolis, Innovation, Shadow Demon Coalition and has seen them travel overseas for Switch Recordings in Vienna, Amsterdam, Spain, Portugal and many other locations.
2018 is set to be a mile stone for Salvage as he and Shadre line up releases on labels such as G13 Records, Switch Recordings, Certified (AIA), Cell Recordings, Cre8 D&B and his own imprint Short Circuit Records which is closely approaching the big 5 Years Celebrations of the Record Label.
When Salvage & Shadre touch down they bring a vast selection of Drum & Bass into their sets from Jungle, Jump Up, Liquid, Rollers, Neuro and many more. Their love for all things Drum & Bass can be best seen every 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month on Subwoofah TV. 19:00 – 21:00 GMT where they hold down a two hour show. Energy, passion, quick fire mixing and killer double drops drive their sets, perfectly blended to take all the ravers and party enthusiasts on a journey.